Webex, Teleconference and Telepresence Save Taxpayer Money

Present technology can save Government huge sums of money. Take the average day to day travel by one State Employee. It is estimated that a two day trip can cost over $650.00 when you total the cost of a hotel at $100.00 per night, $100.00 for meals ($50.00/per day) and employee downtime of $270.00 ($135.00/per day) and gasoline at $100.00 for a roundtrip in a state vehicle. Imagine a thousand or more trips per year. Obviously, the typical two day travel has become cost prohibitive.

The alternative is to use teleconferencing or teleseminars by State Employees who need to share information, learn or otherwise provide better services to Taxpayers.

Internet teleconferencing includes internet telephone conferencing, videoconferencing and web conferencing. Internet telephony involves conducting a teleconference over the Internet or a Wide Area Network. All are available now in State Government.

The advent of Webex and Telepresence make travel almost unnecessary. Discussions, lectures, classes can be recorded and used at will. So why waste taxpayer’s money? Use technology that is presently available.

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