New Mexico Public Relations LLC (NMPR) is a full-service government relations and public relations firm.

The firm represents private and public clients before City, County, State/Federal Agencies, and the New Mexico Legislature.

About Us

We are a government relations firm that provides services to private/public entities.

Services are provided before:

  • The New Mexico State Legislature
  • The Nevada State Legislature
  • The Arizona State Legislature
  • City, County and State Governments
  • New Mexico State Agencies
  • Nevada State Agencies
  • Arizona State Agencies
  • New Mexico Boards and Commissions
  • Nevada Boards and Commissions
  • Arizona Boards and Commissions
  • Colleges and Universities

Services provided in Washington, D.C.:

  • Direct Communications with New Mexico, Nevada, and Arizona Congressional Delegation
  • Work with National Leadership
  • Develop strategic communications
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